Stoneymeade Farm - Horses for Sale and Lease

Horses for Sale

Fitzroy Crossing

"Fitz" is offered for sale. He is your child’s perfect first horse. Can take anyone from 2’6-3’6. Very brave and very kind.

horse for sale

Kowabunga Kitty

Kowabunga Kitty is the best first pony jumper a kid could ever have. Brave, quick and rideable. Has more than enough stride to do the horse distances and in-and-outs. Champions and reserves at WEF. Has great flat work, trails, and is a joy to work around. Sadly outgrown.

horse for sale


“Angie” is a 2’6-3’ packer. Super brave and wins the hack. Quiet and safe.

horse for sale

Horses for Lease


Tanquerray “Fred” is a very sweet horse offered for partial lease at the farm. Fred is suitable for beginners looking to get back into riding. Has beautiful flatwork. Can also do the equitation up to 3' with someone more advanced.

horse for lease


Pele is offered for partial lease at Stoneymeade. He is suitable for anyone. From ribbons at New England Equitation Championships to trail riding around the farm, Pele is the perfect horse.

horse for lease

I must be dreaming

“Jazzy” is the cutest, sassiest, small children’s hunter pony there is. She has the best canter to teach kids to find the jumps and is as honest as they come. Can take your child from walk, trot, canter to children’s pony hunters.

horse for lease

Prince Ferdinand

Ferdie is available for lease at Stoneymeade Farm. King of the medal/maclay, Ferdie still loves his job and is the expert at showing kids the ropes of the equitation ring.

horse for lease